About Goof

GOOF! is a brand-new, monthly digital comic, that showcases some of the goofiest and greatest cartoonists walking this planet. Or any planet for that matter!

Featuring exclusive comics, characters and art (that put the fun in funnies) from Lew Stringer, Ken Niimura, Hilary Barta, Emmeline Pidgen, Tor Freeman, Mari Ahokoivu, Marc Jackson, Joe Matthews, Rick Eades, Lorenzo Montatore, Genie Espinosa, Jim Boswell, Andreas Schuster, Andrea Bell, Dick Vincent, Fulton Beal, Jess Smart Smiley, Dan Moynihan, Jessica on Paper, Phil Oliveira, Nancy Jackson and Clara Soriano making GOOF! a truly international comic of the goofiest kind.

Read it on any mobile device or desktop computer, anytime, anywhere! Comics for everyone!!

For just £1 a month, you’ll get a 30 page feast of funnies arriving in your mailbox every month on a Saturday, the best day for new comics! That’s just £12 a year, to get each issue guaranteed and the chance to follow your new favourite characters’ regular comic strips.

Be a GOOF! and get on-board with that amazing deal, just click COMICS and go, go, GOOF!